What made me think — July 8, 2018

In the end, only one team ends with tears of joy

The World Cup is almost over. 3 more relevant games, 3 more teams left with nothing but tears and one victorious squad. So much hope at the beginning, so much disappointment in the end. Except for one nation, one team. I hope it’s going to be Belgium, they played the best football so far in the tournament, closely followed by France. England might be so lucky with their strategy not to play anyone really good until the end. Or maybe Croatia will shock us all. No matter what happens, all the teams will start to dream about 2022 the day after the final. For the day when only tears of joy flow.

What I watched

The Post. Of course it’s good. It’s a Spielberg movie after all. Add to that Streep and Hanks, it should be gold. But it feels like a 5-course meal that turned into a 11-course meal and doesn’t convey anything new.

Billions. One of the best series out there. The acting is superb, the story continues to surprise and I can’t wait for Season 4.

What I read

Do you really know what your kid’s doing on that device? “Parents are clearly outmatched. Exposed to tablets and smartphones at an increasingly early age, kids are correspondingly savvier about using them and easily share tips with friends. Parents, by contrast, are both overwhelmed and often naive about what kids can do with sophisticated devices, says Wistocki, whose packed schedule has him crisscrossing the country to speak to parents and young people.” — Parenting has to start early and we need to build the trust and penalizing mechanism early to make them work. When they are teenagers, it’s almost too late.

Hands of God. A beautiful site dedicated to the World Cup’s most historic moments. We’ll see what will stick for 2018.

What I listened to

Atlanta Monster: Over 2 years, at least 28 children and adults were killed. Some believe they convicted the murder but there are doubts. Massive doubts. It’s a story about racism, deep secrets and many questions never asked.

The Green Pill: I’m struggling with eating meat. No matter how organic the meat is, how ecologically appropriate I buy it, meat eating still implies killing an animal. “This is a conversation about carnism, but it’s also a conversation about how truly dominant worldviews work. “The primary way entrenched ideologies stay entrenched is by remaining invisible,” Joy writes. “And the primary way they stay invisible is by remaining unnamed. If we don’t name it, we can’t talk about it, and if we can’t talk about it, we can’t question it.”

Joy’s work applies to much more than how we eat: It’s a lens for thinking about all the systems we’re so deeply embedded in that we can no longer see them, and so we learn not to notice if they compel us to do things that don’t align with what we believe to be right, or who we actually want to be. And it’s about what happens when those ideologies become visible and we have to grapple with what they’ve done to us and the world we live in.”

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