What made me think — June 17, 2018

That’s basically the current state of emotions

When the World Cup comes around, everything stops for 4 weeks. I try to see each game and all the Germany games are an emotional rollercoaster, an exhausting experience. Football has been hijacked by money a long time go but the World Cup is different because the prize money is negligible and it’s all about history and national pride. That’s why the World Cup is so special: Yes, FIFA is highly corrupt, the players are overpaid divas but for 4 weeks it’s only about the game. And what a beautiful game it is. And what a devastating feeling a loss to Mexico is. On to the next match. There’s an old saying: 22 people play football for 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins. We’ll test that saying in the next 10 days.

What I read

The most important skill nobody told you: “The oldest philosophical wisdom in the world has one piece of advice for us: know yourself. And there is a good reason why that is.

Without knowing ourselves, it’s almost impossible to find a healthy way to interact with the world around us. Without taking time to figure it out, we don’t have a foundation to built the rest of our lives on.

Being alone and connecting inwardly is a skill nobody ever teaches us. That’s ironic because it’s more important than most of the ones they do.

Solitude may not be the solution to everything, but it certainly is a start.”

Nice NYTimes feature: What my father gave me. “I stare at my eyes, my nose, my ears, and then I close my eyes, trying to conjure an image of my father’s face at the age at which it is frozen forever. For some reason, I’m fixated on his smile. It’s symmetrical in a way mine isn’t. His grin is wide in a way mine never was but maybe, someday, could be.”

What I watched

Football. And more football.

What I listened to

American Fiasco: The story of the U.S. men’s soccer team that swaggered onto the international stage and set out to win the 1998 World Cup in France. When they arrived, they faced only one serious opponent: themselves. Let’s just hope there won’t be a German Fiasco.

David Brooks talks with Tyler Cowen: While he’s often reviled by all political camps, I still cherish his views on morality and ethics. Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation.