10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Week at #EcoU

List compiled by: Hannah Buege, Social Media & Design Intern and Elizabeth Bragstad, Social Media Intern

This week is Earth Week! Now is a great time to pay attention to all of the ways you can help conserve natural resources, not only this week but everyday! Here are 10 ways to celebrate our home planet Earth during Earth Week, and being a part of #EcoU!

  1. Enjoy nature by exploring the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum — The UWGB campus is surrounded by over six miles of nature-lined trails. Take advantage of the sunny #gbspring weather while appreciating the beauty around you.

2. Donate unwanted clothing items — It’s the perfect time for a little spring cleaning! Go through your closet and donate items that you don’t use/wear anymore so they can find new life with someone else.

3. Ride the bus — It’s free for all students (make sure you have your student ID) and stops at all major places throughout town. Try this Green Bay Metro Trip Planner to plot out your route.

4. Purchase a reusable water waterbottle —Each year American’s use around 50 billion plastic waterbottles. Save the earth (and your wallet) by purchasing a resuable waterbottle. There are convinent refill stations located throughout campus! Bonus: If you shop at the Phoenix Bookstore this Phoenix Friday, you will get 50% Off an EnduraCool Cooling Towel with any purchase!

5. Attend an informative Earth Week presentation — Learn about the Pacific Garbage Patch at John Waterman’s presentation. This free event is being held on Wednesday in the Christie Theater at 7pm.

6. Learn more about UWGB’s #EcoU History — Head over to the Sustainability Website to read about how UWGB got the nickname EcoU.

7. Up-cycle old items around your dorm — Instead of throwing away unwanted items, get crafty and put them to a new use.

8. Attend the Earth Day picnic — Make your way out onto the Student Services Plaza at 11 am for a free meal made of locally sourced products! Enjoy music from Grasping at Straws while you hang out.

9. Contribute to the Campus Cupboard — Take any non-parishable food items and hygine products to UWGB’s Campus Cupboard to help students and community members in need. Donations will be collected at the Earth Day picnic, or they can be dropped off in the Pride Center at any time.

10. Make an Earth Day pledge — In 2016, challenge yourself to make one change in your every day life that will have a positive impact on the environment. It can be as simple as making more of an effort recycle. Pledge here with the UWGB sustainability committee. These small changes contribute to a large impact.