15 Ways to Bond with Your Roommates or Classmates

Created by: Avery Faehling, Social Media Assistant

We are two weeks into the fall semester! Looking for ways to bond with your roommate or new found friends from class? Here are some suggestions:

1. Grab some grub

Feeling hungry? Do you both have time between classes? Check out our new Chartwells dining service on campus! It’s all you can eat, so there is plenty of time to catch up on each other’s day.

2. Roommates who shop together stay together…

Okay, that may not be true, but if you find yourself on the west side, Bay Park Square Mall has plenty of shopping options!

3. Breathe in some fresh Green Bay at the arboretum trail

Do you both feel like you’ve been inside classes all day? Do some off-roading on our campus’s beautiful trails! The trail stretches for miles, with beautiful scenery on any route. You may even find a chapel on your journey…

4. Become workout buddies

We have one of the best recreational facilities around! You can choose to rock climb, play a pickup game of your favorite sport, run on the cardio deck, swim in the pool, lift weights, and so much more!

5. Hang out at Phoenix Park

Yoga, hula hoop, Frisbee, sand volley ball, fires. You name it, the Phoenix Park is the perfect place to hang out and do all of your favorite activities together!

6. Movie Night

Need a break from studying? Nothing says “relaxing evening” like hanging out and binging on your favorite Netflix shows. We even have some of the most recent movies at Cheap Seats in the Christie Theatre!

7. Join intramurals

Let’s play a game… any game! Sign up with your for a sport you’ve always loved or maybe a sport you never knew existed!

8. Phoenix Athletics

You know the drill: 1) Wear your green bandana. 2) Attend a Phoenix sporting event. 3) Get loud.

9. Student Life… It’s pretty legit

Need a little comedy in your life? Maybe some live music? How about tons of themed games at GB Nites? Student Life has your back!

Need a little comedy in your life? Maybe some live music? How about tons of themed games at GB Nites? Student Life has your back!

10. Golf

How many campuses have a golf course on campus? Students get discounted rates too!

11. There’s a student organization for that

Do you have something you and your roommate are passionate about? Of course you both do whether it’s professional or personal! The best news is that there’s probably a student organization for that, which you could both join!

12. Get coffee (or tea… or a smoothie…)

The Common Grounds Coffee House is a perfect place to either wake up with some coffee or simply unwind by a fireplace as you and your roommate have a study session.

13. Lambeau tour

Green Bay = Titletown. Enjoy a tour of iconic Lambeau Field together!

14. Wildlife Sanctuary

Animal lovers beware: if you visit the Wildlife Sanctuary, you will want to return.

15. Bay Beach Amusement Park

In fact, while you’re at the Wildlife Sanctuary you might as well check out Bay Beach Amusement Park across the road — fun rides at a cheap cost!

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