Places on Campus that have Students Spooked

Offices the sound scary but really aren’t

Created by: Avery Faehling, UWGB Social Media Assistant

Let’s all admit it, there are places all over campus we sometimes avoid because we are a little scared. Have you avoided one of these great places on campus like it’s a haunted house? You should give them all a try!

1. Health & Counseling

Don’t be scared of health and counseling when they help you overcome your fear of any health concerns you may have. Capabilities range from medical services all the way to wellness and lifestyle. Many services are low cost or free and/or can be submitted to insurance.

2. Bursar’s Office

Let’s be honest, college is full of financial confusion and scares. The Bursars Office eases those fears by helping with tuition, policies, holds, payment plans, refund checks, and more.

3. American Intercultural Center (AIC)

College is all about meeting new friends, but sometimes it’s can be scary to take the first step. The AIC is full of smiling faces and activities among students of all cultures!

4. Computing & Information Technology (CIT)

Want to know scary? When a computer and its programs crash and you have a paper due soon! CIT will save the day with campus-related technology issues and maintenance. Their office is a house of hope, not horror!

5. Career Services

Scared you may not get the internship or job you’ve always wanted? Then you may need to overcome your fear of stopping by Career Services. Career Services can help you with anything ranging from a simple cover letter to landing that dream job you’ve had your eye on!

6. Tutoring & Learning Center

It’s scary to ask for help sometimes, but when you do you can make huge strides in your school work. That’s what the Tutoring & Learning Center is for! Whether you need one-on-one help or a study group, one things clear, it’s worth the stop to make the Dean’s List.

7. Writing Center

Not everyone is an expert writer. Good thing the writing center will help you along with all of your writing needs!

8. Public Safety Office

Public Safety is a staff of police officers here to help you with all of your policy questions, parking needs, and to help prevent crime to keep you safe! The office also hosts a lost and found.

9. Academic Advising

Are you a first-year student, a transfer student, or an undeclared student? If you answered yes to any those and have been scared of Academic Advising, you shouldn’t be! They can help you earn your degree in the most timely and cost-effective way! As they say time is money…

10. Professors’ Offices

Don’t be afraid to visit your professor’s office during their office hours! Professors are excited to hep you understand course content and succeed… and to get to know you as a person. Some professors even offer snacks!

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