Seven Reasons We #uwgblove Our Professors

Compiled by: UW-Green Bay Social Media Assistant, Anna Katner

UW-Green Bay faculty are known as sensational teachers, researchers, authors and mentors. They go above and beyond in their roles here at UWGB. Many faculty members have received honorable recognitions for their work. They are well know for being personable, relatable, unforgettable and much more.

UWGB Professors…

1. Go beyond the classroom.

I had Dr. Bartell in the GPS program for the entirety of my Freshman year, and throughout the year we were able to build a great relationship. Even after the program was over for me, she would just check in occasionally to see how I was doing. It was just a little something that she didn’t have to do, but just the fact that she thought to check in was a really positive experience for me that I’ll never forget.

-Laura Hoffman, Human Development Major

2. Are nationally and internationally recognized experts.

From Fox 11 to USA Today to seminars in Norway, UWGB professors are recognized experts both nationally and even internationally.

3. Are one-of-a-kind.

Some of the best things about our professors are the little things. Professor of Human Development and Psychology, Rgan A. R. Gurung, is known for taking photos of his students and spending time memorizing students’ names the first days of classes.

“In my limited time here at UWGB, the faculty member that stood out the most to me was Professor Gurung. Not only was he a captivating, enthusiastic, and well-versed teacher, but he genuinely put forth the effort to get to know his students and work with them in order to make sure they were getting the most of his class.”

-Jacob Richter, Human Biology Major

4. Stay up-to-date and connected.

My favorite thing about UW-Green Bay professors is how connected and understanding they are. They’re wonderful with staying up-to-date, both socially and politically, which provides a great environment for students to learn and develop skills. The professors at UWGB make this university excel, and that’s why I #uwgblove our professors!

-Dylan Tritt, Geoscience Major and Environmental Science Minor

5. Are personable.

Professors at UWGB desire to get to know students better one-on-one.

Specifically, the UWGB professors in the Communication department show a strong interest and concern over seeing every single one of their students succeed at what they do. Moreover, every single professor I have had in the program since I have transferred here from NWTC has managed to develop a working relationship with me in one way or another. That personal communication has gone a long way in producing a successful transition, and my grades reflect that as well.

-Ryan Boyer, Health & Organizational Communication Major

6. Commit to their students.

UWGB professors want students to come to office hours and connect on classroom materials. Prof. Steve Meyer encourages students to visit with snacks.

7. Are award-winning.

Many UWGB professors have recieved honorable awards for their exceptional work. Most recently, the Frankenthal Professor of History and Humanistic Studies, Gregory S. Aldrete, received the UW System’s highest recognition for members of its faculty and academic staff.

Prof. Gregory Aldrete

“Aldrete joins other esteemed UW-Green Bay faculty who have recently received the UW System Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award: Clifton Ganyard, Humanistic Studies (2014) and Regan A.R. Gurung, Human Development (2011). The UW-Green Bay Professional Program in Education received the UW System department of the year honors in 2011.”

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