Ten Ways to be Sustainable at #EcoU

Compiled by Rory Mileham, UWGB Social Media Assistant/Intern

  1. Carry around a reuseable water bottle! Using your own bottle instead of buying bottles is environmentally friendly, plus you can save a ton of 💵 💲💵 💲💵.
Saving money is always a good thing!

2. Take the bus 🚍! It’s FREE, and stops at all the major places in town! Just don’t forget your student ID.

We don’t recommend heels if you’re running after it though!

3. Recycle ♻️! On campus you can recycle plastic bottles, paper, ink, and plastic bags! When you don’t recycle your plastic water bottle it takes 450 years to decompose.

The feeling of guilt when you forget to recycle.

4. Take the stairs! While the elevator is convenient to go up a floor or two, the stairs are the Eco-U way to go, plus it’s also healthy! 💪 #EcoU

Your calves will thank you later!

5. Unplug your electronics 📱! While charging up your devices is important, leaving them plugged in when not in use is a big waste of electricity!

Leaving your charger behind during a meeting though is ruff.

6. Donate your unwanted clothing and school supplies👗📚! Donate to your local thrift store, or do a clothes swap with your BFF 👯.

$20 dollars can go pretty far!

7. Make the most of the warmer weather 🌞! Do things outside to conserve electricity! (We even made a Springtime Spotify playlist for you! spoti.fi/1FLORKb)

Who doesn’t love being outside?

8. Cut your shower 🚿 by two minutes! Cutting two minutes from your shower can save gallons of water from being wasted!

One less Taylor Swift shower song won’t hurt anyone.

9. Eat Local 🍝! Instead of going to your favorite chain restaurant, check out the local eats! By eating at locally sourced resturants, you are cutting down on the miles food has to be transported, which saves a lot of gas!

Yum, pizza! 🍕

10. Turn off the A/C when you’re not home 🌀. Small Apartments take a small amount of time to cool down. Closing the curtains or blind is a great way to keep the room cool when you’re away.

Look at this A/C hog!
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