Meet the UWashington Hyperloop Team — Michael Chamerski


I’m Michael Chamerski, and I’m the Founder and one of the Directors for UWashington Hyperloop, the University of Washington team competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Formerly, I was also a team lead for both the Power Distribution & Storage and Public Relations teams.

What inspired you to form the UWashington Hyperloop team?

I originally started a Hyperloop engineer group/club with some friends, when Elon Musk had released his “white-paper” back in 2013, in order to design and create iterations of the concept. Fast forward to 2015, when SpaceX announced the start of a competition, I joined forces with David Coven and Malachi Williams, the two other directors, to begin our dream of what we now have as UWashington Hyperloop!

What have you been doing in your recent role?

Recently, I’ve been primarily handling all communications between our team and SpaceX, organizing and planning for our testing schedule, and working with Power Distribution & Storage and Systems Engineering teams on performing analysis on electromagnetic interference and static discharge. I have also been programming some scripts to provide clear graphics of the velocity and acceleration dynamics for our path down the test track during Competition Weekend, incorporating data from the electromagnetic and aerodynamic tests we’ve been running.

What are you most looking forward to during the competition?

Going into Competition Weekend this Fall, I’m extremely ecstatic to see all the designs brought forth by all the other teams. After all, this is the first time any person or any team has ever constructed a similar system on such a large scale like this. It’s absolutely crazy to think that the beloved pod we’re building with our hands, with all of our combined efforts each and every day, will be sent down a mile-long track at blurring speeds while levitating over an open sheet of metal.

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