10 reasons why UW-River Falls is the best decision ever.

UW-River Falls
2 min readMay 6, 2016

Decisions are tough, but choosing River Falls makes it 10 times easier.

1. Cowboys and city kids.

And everyone in between! Since UW-River Falls is nestled in the country and only 30 minutes from the Twin Cities, there is a diverse blend of students.

2. Nature is your backyard.

We rest along the beautiful Kinnickinnic River. So walk the trails, visit the falls, or watch the stars at the observatory.

3. New Falcon Center.

Brand new in 2017, this Falcon Center is for our Falcons.

4. Falcon Foods.

We make our very own ice cream, cheese, and meat right here on campus! You can buy your own or taste different homemade ice cream flavors in the cafeteria.

5. A LOT of FREE stuff.

No worries. Textbooks, career services, counseling, tutoring, AND laundry are on us!

6. Something for every season.

We have exciting events during every season! The UWRF Rodeo, Bacon Bash, The Blue Grass Festival, and Coffee Concerts are just to name a few.

7. Small and smart campus.

Most of our classes are small, so professors share their expertise one-on-one. Chances are you’ll probably see someone you know on the way to class, too!

8. Unique monuments.

Ever checked the time on our mall clock? Or on the sun dial on the KFA wall? Walked across the campus seal in front of South Hall? Or across the Swinging Bridge? Do you know where the Cup of Knowledge is? And you can’t forget our one-of-a-kind rock wall!

9. Campus farms.

You don’t have to be an agriculture major to enjoy our furry friends — the equine farm is only a short walk from campus and the Mann Valley Farm is only a short drive. Horses, cows, and sheep are an important part of our family, too!

10. You are forever a part of the Falcon Family.

We are a family here at UWRF. Win or lose. Pass or fail. We all support one another. Once a Falcon, always Falcon.
UW-River Falls

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