Perfect places for pictures in River Falls.

Glen Park Falls

Okay. How have you not taken a picture of the falls in River Falls?

The Fish Mural

Time to get artsy, Falcons. This Main Street mural is a statement on its own — guaranteed to bring your Instagram game up a couple levels.

The Swinging Bridge

On, below, or above, the Glen Park Swinging Bridge always looks intriguing!


A brick background is never wrong. And luckily, River Falls has a lot of it. Find some and SNAP for the perfect Insta.

Junction Mill

Junction Mill goes over the bridge and leads to unique views along the beautiful Kinnickinnic River.

The Clock

This iconic clock provides a timeless backdrop for any photo.

The South Hall University Seal

Don’t forget to look down! Your next Instagram could be right under your feet.

The Roundabout Monuments

We’ve got plenty of roundabouts in Wisconsin, but none quite like this. So whether it’s a classic freshmen year pic or a group shot with friends, here’s your perfect opportunity to represent! #FalconPride

The UWRF Rodeo Arena

Not every campus has a rodeo arena! And ours has a pretty white fence and even prettier horses.

River Falls Sunsets

It doesn’t get much better than a River Falls sunset — bright pink, yellow and orange, swirled with a lavender purple. But to capture it, you must be patient and focused (or just really lucky).

Our Historic Buildings

To capture the beauty and character, you can get up close or try far away. The challenge is to find a new perspective on the buildings we enter every day.

Nature Behind Campus

If nature is your thing, you’ll find the perfect backdrop right in our backyard! Go explore the paths along the Kinnickinnic River for a picturesque setting like no other.

With Freddy Falcon!

If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, Freddy Falcon will no doubt spice up your feed.

Say Cheese, Falcons!

Oh, and be sure to use the #UWRF hashtag for a chance to have your Instagram worthy images featured on the UW-River Falls Facebook page!

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