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3 min readDec 12, 2016

Ok it’s almost finals week, Falcons. With that, we want to remind you that studying doesn’t have to be stu-DYING. It’s all about location, location, location! For your convenience we’ve put together this handy list of our top 10 favorite study spots on campus where you can get your study on.

1. Einstein Bros Bagels

Coffee-lovers, this one’s for you! And yes, it’s hard to resist the rich aroma of coffee floating around, but you can justify the purchase with the fact that caffeine will obviously help you get things done.

2. Secret South Hall Hideout

Shh! This second-floor, secluded study space is great for studying in silence. (And we think the stunning view of North Hall and the UWRF emblem will motivate you).

3. University Center Lookout

Feel like a Falcon perched on the 2nd floor of the UC. Massive windows stretch along the wall overlooking campus — perfect for people-watching when you need a break from that laptop screen. (Plus, these armchairs are ridiculously comfy).

4. Involvement Center

Here, the toughest decision you’ll make is where to sit! Choose between a big bean bag, a chill hammock chair, a cozy couch, or a swivel seat. If those are taken, find a place on the floor or warm up on the fireplace hearth. You might just be there when they have FREE FOOD. (And if you want somewhere to take a nap between classes, this is it).

5. Collaboration Central

Group study can be a great way to get it done! If you feel the need to team up, there are some cool collaboration spaces in the Involvement Center. Gather around and use your collective brainpower to muscle through.

6. The (Almost) Library

This little gem of a spot is right outside the library entrance and provides a nice resting place for those moments in between classes.

7. Chalmer Davee Library

Welcome to the UWRF homework hub! The first floor of the library is great for group work and printing assignments, but upstairs is where you go if you need peace and quiet (and probably to get that paper done that’s due at midnight). There are nooks and crannies everywhere, so find the right one where you can get stuff done!

8. Centennial Coves

If you’re looking for a relaxing and full-of-sunshine spot, check out Centennial coves on the first and second floors of Centennial Science Hall. These quiet and open spaces may be just what you need to get the job done.

9. Hagestad Hall

Hagestad Hall can be an easily forgotten study space, but don’t let it be! Cozy up in the corners of the windows or plop down by a beautiful plant. This is a perfect study space for those who need some uninterrupted time to hit the books.

10. Those UC Tables

Ah, yes. It seems like these tables at the main entrance of the University Center are always taken. But you can see why! If you are lucky enough to nab one, they offer the best of productive studying while keeping you at the center of everything.

These aren’t the only places on campus to hit the books, just some of our favorites. We hope you enjoyed the list and we wish you well on your finals!

Remember, Falcons, keep calm and study on! You’ve got this.

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