Unmercifully pursue your dreams: 10,000 of hours of dedication to something is what it takes for someone to be the world-class at something. With that being true I would advocate another route being inherently more useful as the world moves towards a more diverse future. Spend 1,000 hours on 10 different subjects. You won’t become the best in the world at any one thing but you will become a world leading generalist which will ensure you can benefit from most of this new exciting post-capitalist world. The benefits of being better at 10 things than 90% of the global population than better than 99% of the world population at one are monumental. The crossover between your skills will lead to new unimaginable opportunities.
30 Life Lessons to Learn Before it’s too Late
Chris Herd

The merit of a broad interdisciplinary mindset is still vastly underestimated.

The creativity and ingenuity such a mindset enables are essential in an age increasingly dominated by smart agents and automated services.

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