10 Digital Experience Proverbs

The ever-excellent UX Matters recently published another superb article outlining ten digital experience proverbs for today’s organisation’s. The proverbs come from a range of UX royalty and each is suitably draped in intellectual silk and sneery tones, here’s one — “The UX is not something you can point to. It’s embodied in our users’ minds.”. Can’t argue with that, trouble is unless your organisation is already knee-deep in a digital transformation with a deeply entrenched innovation culture, these proverbs are just a bit too rich for the average palette.

If like the vast majority of UXers you are daily fighting the corner of design-led thinking, then you need to sell UX on a practical level. Make those proverbs relate-able to the goals of the organisation and most important of all, make them output driven and delivery focused.

Here’s my digital experience ‘proverbs’ for the regular organisation:

  1. We will focus on solutions not features: Our people (formerly known as users) have tasks or goals to achieve when using our products. Help our people by avoiding ‘feature blowout’ which leads to slow, overly-complex and difficult to use products. Make sure every feature supports our peoples goals … if not, get rid. We will remember that the world does not need another app or website, what it does need is solutions to problems. We are the 80%, not the 20.
  2. We will know our audience and their tasks: We study how people perform the tasks that we want our products to help them do. We monitor real-world use of our products. When we have real-world facts and solutions we proceed with speed.
  3. We simplify and we save our people time: Time is the world’s most valuable commodity. The features which define our solutions are removed one-by-one until nothing is left, we start with the last feature left standing.
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