Want to work in UX? Buy some welly boots

“A true ideas person, you will be responsible for innovating and shaping world class digital experiences.

You will live in a world of constant prototyping/ideating/user testing. You will ship fast and test MVPs before rapidly iterating.”

Unless you work in a lean startup or some of the ux dream teams – Spotify/Xero/Yelp etc. – chances are your position description lied to you.

Instead, many of us wade through layers of squelchy, sticky mud created by layers of organisational structure, vying to get their hands on the digital products you so carefully nurture.

One thing UXers must and should have is a fierce loyalty towards the user. So the next time Marketing want “make it a little jazzier” or your developers ‘forget’ to read your annotations just remember you are wading through the mud for those users that effortlessly glide through your site or app. Those users who complete their chosen tasks without hindrance from a banned ad that draws away their attention.

Keep going soldier. Do it for the users.

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