I was messing around on my phone the other day and realized how simple the Instagram story 3D transitions are to create in After Effects.

I put together this quick tutorial to show you how it’s done.

Most people don’t realize how insanely easy it is to create something visually quite stunning in After Effects.

And here’s the version I made using photos of my Norwegian Forest Cat, in about 5 minutes in After Effects using true 3D with a parallel light, nulls, and parenting.

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Over the last 18 months, I’ve been teaching motion and usability workshops to design teams at companies including Dropbox, Slack, Oracle, Salesforce, and Kayak.

Hundreds of other designers and engineers from other top brands including Apple, Twitter, Shopify, Cisco, Volkswagen, Bank of America, have also attended my public workshops.

During the workshop, we use no software or prototyping tools, aside from paper prototyping, which we use to ideate, and communicate ideas.

Participants (primarily UX, UI & Product Designers, as well as engineers) learn how to integrate motion into the CX and UX workflow, ideation and iteration, how to use motion to solve UX challenges, how to design and implement motion standards, and how to use an ROI framework to communicate the value of motion to team members and stakeholders. …


Issara Willenskomer

I teach UX/UI & Product Designers how to use animation to create better apps and websites: www.uxinmotion.com

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