I was messing around on my phone the other day and realized how simple the Instagram story 3D transitions are to create in After Effects.

I put together this quick tutorial to show you how it’s done.

Most people don’t realize how insanely easy it is to create something…

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been teaching motion and usability workshops to design teams at companies including Dropbox, Slack, Oracle, Salesforce, and Kayak.

Hundreds of other designers and engineers from other top brands including Apple, Twitter, Shopify, Cisco, Volkswagen, Bank of America, have also attended my public workshops.


Dear tech conference organizer,

I see that the date for the ______ conference is approaching, and that you have issued a call for speaker proposals.

That’s exciting! I’m a huge fan of the ______ conference and can’t wait!

Here’s my proposal.

I propose that you include speakers who will talk…

For the last several years, I’ve read the Google News feed daily. And for the last several years, the Google News feed has contained nearly zero stories about climate change. …

Designers want to have it both ways. On the one hand, we want the upside of being right, of making a difference, of a positive result. On the other hand, we tend to blame circumstances when the results are not what we want.

On tech teams, the term ‘ownership’ gets…

I don’t usually do this but last week I received an email asking for career advice. The question touched a nerve and I wanted to share my thoughts about feeling like an imposter.

The Question

Issara — Thank you so much for this content. I’m a total newb — and I mean…

Want to transition from motion to UX?

A few weeks ago I received a really good question: how do you transition from a motion background into UX and product design?

The motion designer who wants to transition into UX and product design

Many of the folks who reach out to me about this question fall into this group.

They have had a career in motion design, are already strong…

Over the years of teaching UI animation and helping designers and animators integrate motion into their online portfolios, I’ve noticed a major trend: designers do not integrate motion well into their online portfolios, and miss out on this red hot opportunity to distinguish their work and get that high paying…

Here is my list of 12 After Effects UI Animation feature requests.

The backstory: I’ve been teaching UI animation for the last 5 years. You can check out my courses here on my site UX in Motion.

Several weeks ago, after giving a talk on UI Animation at Adobe in SF, some folks at Adobe reached out to me and wanted to…

Imagine that you are staying the night at your friend’s house. Your friend is married. You take a shower the next morning. In the shower you see a ledge. On the ledge are two identical toothbrushes, one on the left, one on the right.

Two people, two toothbrushes.

Given this…

Issara Willenskomer

I teach UX/UI & Product Designers how to use animation to create better apps and websites: www.uxinmotion.com

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