html 5.1 coming soon!

HTML 5.1 is On Its Way!

There’s only a few industry that has a dramatic weather as the web industry does. Everything keeps changing here every now and then. While developers often have to ruin their weekends learning new JavaScript library, the word ‘update’ is not supposed to sound very fun for everyone. But we can safely assume, That is not the case with HTML. Even though it is the main skeleton the web stands on, but HTML isn’t very rapid with updates. After quite a big gap, HTML got updated to version 5 in October 2014, Offering a lot of new features. It took the web to a whole new level. The web became structured in a more semantic way, advanced media features made it easier than ever to display and manage multimedia on web pages. And after almost 2 years, HTML is now on its way to reaching HTML 5.1!

HTML 5.1 is going to be the new web standard

HTML 5.1 has been promoted to ‘Proposed Recommendation’ recently, which is the last stage before it becomes ‘W3C Recommendation’ by substituting HTML 5. A lot of people is wondering what’s new and what’s different with HTML 5.1. Well, though the number of new feature and changes isn’t very low, still I think there’s nothing to be super excited or, to be obsessed. As W3C itself states; “The goal isn’t perfection… but rather to make HTML 5.1 better than HTML 5.0”
So, if you’re someone who already got HTML5 skills under your belt, then HTML 5.1 isn’t going to be anything hard for you to pick up and understand. It’s not a huge update like HTML5 was.

New features in HTML 5.1

Major browser vendor has already started to implement HTML 5.1 features in their browser. These new features include some new HTML element and attributes as well as omissions of some old and obsolete element and attributes. The new HTML 5.1 element worth mentioning is the <picture> element, <menu> and <menuitem> element, <summary> and <details> tags, some new input type like [datetime], [month], [week] etc. Keep in mind that some of these elements are under ‘Proposed for removal’ section and might get removed in a later version of HTML if they are not properly supported by browsers. So, think twice before you use them.
To see the full list of HTML 5.1 features, Click here.
To check out HTML 5.1 browser implementation status, Click here.

HTML 5.2 is not far away!

While HTML 5.1 is waiting to the web standard by replacing HTML5, W3C is already working on the release of HTML 5.2, which will become the web standard by replacing HTML 5.1 next year. Dramatic weather, remember? But no, That’s a good thing. W3C is working hard. So hard that we can expect a stable release of HTML every year.

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