Why the narrative of sexism among Bangalore startups needs more nuance and more voices
Zainab Bawa

Hi Zainab, interesting article. I have also noticed that during tech events, almost none of the women ask questions. I know a ton of strong women leaders but most of them may not be interested in doing a talk at a typical “tech event.” I think what we need is a safe space for women to feel like they can ask questions without any repercussions. Unfortunately these Bangalore tech events have terrible men-women ratios, which just adds to even fewer women attending/participating next time. When I recently spoke at NextBigWhat, after the talk a lot of the women in the audience came and spoke to me and it was really encouraging. No they did not ask their questions on the public forum but they reached out afterwards. What we need to do is have a lot more women speakers, which in turn will encourage women participants, building up a safe space for them, showing them that they can voice their opinions. An effort needs to be made though, because the default status currently is to have only male speakers with 1 woman, all male jurys, etc.

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