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UX Bites is a catchy name or at least I thought so when I started an instagram page with the same name, where I try to share valuable information about UX Design. Since it started, the page grow into a community of over 60.000 like minded designers, which I never expected. Something I expected even less is one day the name UX Bites will be the name of a book, or that I will be the author of that.

The UX Bites community is constantly growing and evolving and because of the increasing support of the Instagram page and how well everyone responded to the concept of sharing nugget sized information on improving UX design skills, I decided to make my first publication available in the format of a book, but I also wanted to follow the principles of a digital product, where we know: Users scan content instead of reading it, visuals catch their eyes faster and we are dealing with a short attention span. This resulted in a book created on usability principles.

A book about User Experience Design
should be like the approach it advocates:
User Friendly and functional.

Creating a beautiful and functional user experience for the final consumers of your designs should be a fun process where you can put yourself in their shoes and experience your designs like you are seeing it for the first time. I tried to apply this principle not only on digital products but on the book too. While working on it, my mind set was creating a user friendly and functional design that people love to “use”, not a book.

This book defines all areas of UX Design and I should quickly explain that. There are amazing books about this field, written by much smarter people who revolutionalized and innovated this industry. I wouldn’t dare to think that this book compares to any Don Norman literature. But this book is different! It’s a coffee table book! I’m saying that it defines all areas of UX because it contains small bits of information on everything from user experience design, UX methods, UX research to helpful definitions and practical tips.

As this is my first published book, I decided to go all out and give you a portable hardcover book that can beautifully grace your coffee table, or take up residence with you in your backpack on the go.

I just love hardcover books!

So why hardcover? Just because that’s what I enjoy, simple as that! There’s no powerful marketing stunt behind this book, if it would be, there would be a digital version too (but more about that later). The decisions around this book is very much driven by experience I personally find pleasure in. And it’s not hard to find hardcover books pleasurable. The moment you hold this yellowness in your hand, you understand. It’s hardcover all right, yet somehow soft touch, has a weight to it, and that yellow cover just vibrates! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How the book was received

How it was received? Well, absolutely overwhelmingly great! I’m getting emotional thinking about it. 200 copies sold in the first week alone, so far I received only positive reviews, which never happens and it shot to the top of Amazon bestsellers lists in the design category upon its release.

And as seen on Instagram stories, many book owners had great things to say about the book and all they’ve learned from reading it. I’ll share just a couple here, but here’s a collection with some more

Why no digital copy?

No digital copy in 2019? How is that possible? So here’s the deal. A digital version could be much more profitable. I could skip publishers, wholesale discounts and all those things. But this is not about the profit. Still, what’s the harm? This book is a very personal passion project for me so I said to myself from the beginning that I will do it the way I will enjoy it the most and hope that people will, too! And I just simply don’t like e-books. I see the value in them but I can’t consume them. I think a book looses its power in a digital form and I just don’t want to do that with my baby! 👶 🍼

Available worldwide

The UX Bites community passed all my expectations in terms of its size and the support of the people. Their appreciation was my main motivation, not just to finish, but to even think of starting to write this book. But the community is reaching people from all over the world and it would be a shame if people from far away places couldn’t get their copy. That’s why I looked for a partnership with a publisher who could manage worldwide distribution. So No borders, no limits! The book is globally available, through stores like Amazon, Barnes and nobles, Book depository, Abe books and many other stores. Check out the best stores based on your region here

Visit UXBITES.CO to learn more about the book and be sure to check out the UX Community on Instagram !

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