UX is Not Enough

I recently met a fellow GA Grad who is struggling to find a job. She has bumped into the same realization that I had, “UX is not enough”.

When you start a bootcamp, the world is your oyster. Every teacher and administrator will tell you how awesome it is that you’ve started this journey and in no time you’ll be a UX Pro. While their intentions are good, that may not be the case for everyone.

General Assembly taught me so much about UX Design and I fell in love. But, they only gloss over the UI stuff. Well, turns out that “stuff” is pretty important and in today’s job market UX and UI are BFF’s. So, I was asked:

Dear UX Curly Girl, How did you improve your UI skills?

Well here’s what I did:


I went to Youtube and found Illustrator tutorials. It took a bit of searching and some trial and error to find ones that I thought were helpful. These are the ones I did but there are a TON more. Find the ones that fit your needs and start designing!

Low Poly



Seahorse — No audio instructions

Strawberry — Mesh Tool

These are my two favs!


I signed up for Career Foundry’s UI Course. This was actually a two step process. Before I started the course I also signed up for Udemy’s Sketch course. I knew I’d be using Sketch in CF’s course and although I was familiar with it, I also knew I had more to learn about the program. Yes, I could have gone the Youtube route again but I needed more structure this time and it was only $30.

Career Foundry’s course is much more expensive but, the information has been invaluable.

This was just the beginning:

Udemy & Career Foundry

So, that’s what I’m doing. Any UX’ers take a different path in improving your UI skills?

Happy UX’ing!