Coworking in Berlin

Like every year I went to UXcamp Europe 2015. Because I have fallen in love with the Berlin vibe long time ago and I have been thinking about relocating here for some time I took the chance and arrived few days before the camp. I had two goals:

  • Verify that I am still in the Digital Nomad mood and love the city — my hisptometer were showing level 3000, so alles gute!
  • Try different types of Berlin coworking places

I spent lovely day in each of the 3 spots I picked.

Enklave is based in old factory and has authentic Berlin feeling. It offers 360 sqm with different rooms from the community, meeting to quiet rooms. No problem to have a Skype call. Mix of international coworkers and artists from a broad range of fields across the arts, sciences and digital industries.

Dennis and Céline were really friendly and even took me to lunch with the rest of coworkers. Everything here is very raw and it is a great motivator to get work done.

Tip: Go visit Tempelhofer after the work, it is just few minutes away.


Co.up is based in hyped Kreuzberg district just few steps from Oranienstraße street filled with bars and restaurants.

Conny invited me to the most classical office feeling from the spots I tried. But that does not mean anything bad, I was able to concentrate on work very well here as well. Every desk is equipped with big display which is a plus.

The entrance room with kitchen and couches is good place to take a longer calls. And yes, they have really cool factory elevator.

Tip: grab a lunch at Santa Maria — great mexican food, menu prices and waiters.

Tante Renate

Three currywurst away from co.up is stylish Tante Renate. 230 sqm loft based in old factory is equipped with Louis Vuitton, dog and friendly host Timo.

Tante Renate was my personal winner. It offers just 20 fixed place desks and I was test driving the last free desk. They are looking for longer relations with coworkers. The place can get pretty noisy during the day, but it is filled with positive atmosphere.

Tip: look at the buildings during your way here, they have cool graffiti all around.

Sum up

All the places I tested have this in common:

  • Fast wifi internet
  • Coffe machine and fridge filled with Club Mate
  • Atmosphere to force you get your shit done
  • Friendly coworkers and hosts

But I suggest you to do your test day to find the best match for you. Peace!

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