1/2 a foot in the UX door

Before I took the unsettling leap of faith to enter the UX industry, I do not think I paid much attention to what it is that entails this elusive area of expertise that I barely hear of. Well, apart of what the name literally suggests I suppose (To be fair, I was in the Healthcare industry and my company wasn’t exactly tech-savvy of sorts).

After my first week of very intensive (intensive is an understatement) classes of the basics of UX, I think I am starting to understand what this is about. Okay, sort of grappling to understand but starting somewhere.

The one thing that appealed to me initially was the psychology behind the need to understand people’s decision-making process. What I soon discovered was — there is a systematic methodology to how we can approach this. In fact, it really helps frame my thought process. As someone who appreciates logic and SOPs, I am truly excited to see where this leads me.


I do not think I am at a point where I can start discussing about concepts and tips yet (I mean…honestly, the affinity map above? I didn’t know what this bunch of post-its was for until a couple of days ago). Nonetheless, my key takeaway from this week is — do not neglect the process, it is there for a reason. Oh and, I am not too shabby doing presentations :)

If anyone is keen to share your UX insights, please reach out! I am an avid learner and would love to hear from you.