My First UX Conference — Amuse 2016

through the eyes of a junior

Last year when I watched the Amuse Conference streaming live, I wondered if there will come the time when I will attend it, and become a participant. It seemed so far far away from me. But thanks to Halcyon Mobile (who sponsored us with some surprise tickets), this year I attended the conference together with my design team: 9 awesome people.

As a junior I was a little afraid…

… of not understanding much from the whole conference because of my lack of knowledge in the field, but after the first presentation I realized there is nothing to worry about. Not just because all the speakers were pay attention to amuse/amaze the audience, but because a lot of them had a stand-up style talk, that none of the audience could ever be bored.

I thought I would summarize my favorites from the presentations in a few sentences. Here they are:

Giles Colborne: UX vs Artificial Intelligence

Whether the algorithms of the AI will replace UX designers? Maybe not, but they should understand algorithms and should talk with data scientists.

Pamela Pavliscak: How to Design for Happiness

I have to mention that this woman was the hero ❤ of the conference! (There were some technical issues with the presentations: they didn’t work at all. The audience couldn’t see anything from the presentation slides.) The way she reacted to technical problems, was just amazing! Like a fairy who was lost in the middle of a charmed forest, but she knew how important her mission was — telling us the secret of designing for happiness, she didn’t give up and remained calm, charming and cheerful during Amuse staff tried to solve the problem.

What I learned from Pamela — beyond how to manage cheerfully and calm your presentation when it doesn’t work:D, is that happiness always depends on the context. And here is an app which manages your relationships. I would definitely try it, but I don’t have a smart watch :((.

“pplkpr is an app that tracks, analyzes, and auto-manages your relationships.” —

Janne Jul Jensen: Building a UX Department from Scratch: The LEGO UX Journey

I loved this woman! She was the one who said the following sentence (and because of this I fell in love with her):

Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD: Science Fiction Helps Design the Future of Healthcare

Sci fi is real! Nowadays healthcare is missing design. Physicians are afraid of losing human touch, this is why they are not using technology of the present.


I am really glad that I attended the conference. It was a really important, instructive and (Am)useful experience for me as a junior. Thanks Halcyon Mobile again, for the ticket present!