Designing for an Authentic AI

Sridhar Dhulipala
Jul 20, 2018 · 10 min read
Mechanical Duck, built by Jaques de Vaucanson (1738, France) Source:

Higher order automation as opposed to mechanical automation

A tale of two faces!
Creating Ava — Soul Machines
There are multiple degrees to the user center

Authenticity and Free will

The Half Full Cup — remove noisy information before analysis and design
Dunn/Belnap multi-valued logic
Not Boolean > How the swing voter went extinct by Alvin Chang. Source:
The Half Empty Cup — let the machine learn to tell between Good Vs Bad/Noisy data. Let AI generate Anticipatory user interfaces. Think of them as A/B tests on steroids.
Decomposing Micro Interactions to be served by underlying micro services.
Data driven, AI driven technology can lead to more wholesome, personalized user experiences provided it makes sense of all the data
I choose to do or not do something — is there a tilt? is the salt enough?

Error handling in AI driven systems, if such a thing is possible with automation

How can UX incorporate behavioural cues that trigger critical thinking — to detect errors and act to prevent them or flag them — Immensely useful in driverless car ecosystems, fake news publishing

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