Hey designers, have you ever stopped to look at the title UX Designer. Like really look at the title. Yes, UX is short for User Experience, meaning the user’s experience is at the forefront of the design process.

But, the title UX Designer contains a bit more, the title contains a hidden message to unlocking the secret of becoming a legendary UX Designer:


It’s not “MYX Designer”, as in a designer who is proud of his or her “my way is the best, works every time” innovative design, insight from research, or color palette that will “make these users excited without a doubt”. No, it’s not about us, the designer, it’s never been about us and it never will be. It’s about YOU, the people you are designing for, the people whose lives you will make easier by creating a solution that they truly need. We are YOU X Designers, focused on other people and what they honestly need, YOU come first.

The best UX Designers understand this. Days, weeks, months, of time spent researching pain points, creating mind maps, brainstorming, and crafting user journeys, hundreds of hours dedicated to create a solution that you ACTUALLY need. The best UX designers stay quiet, with ears fully open, listening, putting themselves in other people’s shoes, empathizing, and ultimately losing their ego to become their user. It is only in this practice where great solutions are crafted.

The poor UX Designer a “MYX Designer” bases their design on what will make them look more creative or innovative than the others on the team, quickly criticizing others for menial objects such as chosen colors, text sizing, icon choice, etc.. The MYX Designer is often driven by the belief that if their design solutions aren’t chosen than they are irrelevant and thus might lose their job, highly self-conscious. They are often unaware that a good-looking design may not be the best solution for YOU, the user.

This is far from true, no one cares about your opinions, it is the user’s opinions who matter most.

No, the best UX Designers are HUMBLE designers. They put you first, they put the business first, they understand that they are merely a vessel of which data passes through, synthesizes, and transmutes through a practice, eventually becoming a tangible product or experience.

As designers, if we want to become legendary, we need to take a step back in order to move forward. We need to stay humble, balanced, and grateful, that the universe has chosen us to be advocates of the people. Humble design is great design, humble design is for the people.