Ironhack Week 9 Retrospective: The Final Chapter

The moment of truth is upon us! One final sprint week synthesizing all of my project data and molding it into a beautiful high fidelity prototype. Things were really getting down to the wire, but with sleepless nights and the always available guidance from our instructors, I was able to pull it off. I finished my prototype and prepared my final presentation. We had an amazing hackshow for the finale where we got to see the culmination of everyone's hard work. My favorite part of this was seeing the presentations from the web dev cohort. Those guys rock! My final presentation was full of energy and accomplished just about all of my initial goals. After our presentations, graduation was upon us! A few beers and some intense reflections led us to the point of being official Ironhack grads. Over 400+ hours of work and three projects later, we were done… But it turns out that this is only the beginning of a delightful career in improving the experiences of users all over the world. Bring it on!