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Editing a Book, Day Three

(Not actually day three)

First I wrote a bunch of stuff over multiple years. Then I downloaded, grouped, labeled, categorized, and organized it. Which leads us to today, where I’m trying to figure out what essays will make up the final product.

I’ve narrowed everything down to five chapters:

  1. Listen
  2. Learn
  3. Lead
  4. Industry
  5. The Future

I’ve also been stripping out any references that require an image or a link to understand context. I’d like the book to stand alone in the epub format, and lines like “Click here to learn more” get in the way of that.

Then I’ll have to figure out which essays to remove. I’ve already made two epub versions to read on my phone, and already I can see a lot of content that isn’t going to work. There are lots of reasons why: some is redundant, some is dated, and some is poorly written.

It’s coming along!

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