Zero Gravity Apartment, Part Four

[Previously: Part One, Part Two, Part Three]

I feel like I’d have a pretty good start if I had to actually design this apartment. But it would be a good start, not anything near complete. I’m fully expecting most of the ideas to require serious effort to make work, if they’re even worth doing at all. Here are some high level ideas:

  • Bathroom — whatever, just make it like the space station I guess
  • Kitchen — same, lots of pre-packaged foods
  • Bedroom — a bit on the small side
  • General layout — similar to normal apartment, with smaller bed/bath

And here are some specifics:

  • It would be interesting to have decorative handles across all four walls, plus the ceiling and floor.
  • It would be nice for those handles to have power outlets tucked away inside them every few feet.
  • Chairs don’t make a lot of sense. But hooks do. Not just for the TV but for people trying to sit together and socialize. You’d back into a wall, grab a hook, fasten it like a seatbelt, and be good to go. Maybe these hooks are also placed every few feet, like the power outlets.

Ok, now what?

If I were working with a team, I’d rely on the group for ideas. Especially from engineers explaining what’s possible and what’s not. My thinking up until now helps me get a rough sense of priorities and principles, but nothing so concrete I’d argue too hard for them. This is the moment I need feedback in order to battle-harden my opinions.

As a co-worker once said, I have “strong opinions, loosely held.” I think that’s exactly where a designer should be, doubly so early in a project. Do your homework so you know what you believe, but be ready for the next lesson to change your mind.

Since I can’t prototype zero gravity and I don’t have engineers or product managers to challenge me, I’ll need to find a way to invent pressure. I have a bunch of books on the international space station and I’m reading through them now. So far nothing directly contradicts my designs, but that just means I haven’t done enough research yet. So that’s what’s next!