The Internship

The first day of class has come and gone and what a packed day it was! It’s really inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented people.

This class of 15 comprises a game designer, videographer cum startup boss, music producer, urban sketcher, photographer, illustrator, IT project manager, UI designer, fresh graduates, skateboarding instructor, market researcher and me, a (used to be) marketing professional.

It’s intimidating to say the least. I’m just an amateur when it comes to design. Heck, I just bought my Macbook a week ago and am still struggling to get used to it. It’s gonna be a steep learning curve for sure.

Yet it’s encouraging to hear my instructor say “Hey, this course is just a starting point.” It will take many years of hard work to be a decent UX designer so just keep at it, again and again.

By morning, we had decided on a class name, The Internship. I love it. It means that we aren’t just students but we are students with a clear goal – wanting to learn how to make it in the UX industry. And we are all at the same starting point – interns trying to get a start in the UX world.

So here’s to all at THE INTERNSHIP – let’s nail this!

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