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My Top 3 Favorite Web Applications: Asana, Medium & MailChimp

And Why Your Design & Engineering Teams Should Learn from them

By Noah Addy (@UXNoah) — Founder at Digital Fio Seattle, User Experience Architect, Software Developer, Mobile & Tech Trends Analyst, Social Media Strategist

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Simple. Easy to use. Delightful.

Over the years, my expectations of any software boils down to these 3 factors: Simplicity, Ease of Use and Delight.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you my experience with 3 web apps I’ve been using. I believe there’s a tremendous amount of things to learn from these products for every engineering and design team. My top 3 favorite webs are Asana, Medium and MailChimp.


Asana, founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, is a task/project management app that seeks to make it incredibly easy to manage your tasks and work items for any project. Asana is so dead simple and easy to use that I’ve since moved all my projects to Asana. The dashboard layout makes it easy to get to anything you need without clicking and digging into multiple pages. The simplicity of Asana was a big departure from other task management apps I’ve used in the past.


Medium, founded by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone is a blogging platform that’s gaining increasing popularity. The user experience of blogging through Medium is incredible! The subtle use of animations, the simplicity, the clean design, great use of whitespace and typography makes Medium stand out from most of the blogging platforms and web apps out there. Editing text on Medium is such a delight! I love it!!!


MailChimp, an email marketing service is a classic example of software with a personality! My first encounter with MailChimp was hands-down the most memorable experience I’ve had with any software application! After sending my first email through the service, I got high-fived by the Chimp! How creative and badass is that?!!! It was such a delightful experience that I kept hitting the button to keep high-fiving the chimp. I caught myself giggling at such a creative addition and just how simple and pleasant an experience I’ve had with MailChimp.

It’s all about User Experience!

User experience is not all pixels and colors. Sangam Napit, a Customer Experience Expert based in Los Angeles said it best, “User experience is all about how you makes your users feel.

Learn from them!

For your next web app, have your Design and Engineering teams take a tour of these three apps above to learn what it means to build software that’s simple, easy to use and delightful that your customers will love.

I hope the Design and Engineering Teams behind these products read this post and know that the thought and work they put into these products have gone a long way to inspire, teach and helped other designers and engineers perfect their craft in building great software. Keep up the great work!

I’d love to hear from you on any web apps you’ve used and totally fell in love with. Please drop me a tweet @UXNoah on Twitter.


Noah Addy

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