Skills Essential to Be Best UI/UX Designer in the Market

The job of a UI Designer and that of a UX designer is not entirely the same, though they do have some amount of overlap in skill set. This is a short guide that will help you decide what you need to learn to become a better UI and UX designer.

User Recommendation

A UI/UX designer has to keep in mind the needs and wants of the user when designing. This is only possible by gathering Intel on what a user would like and dislike. It is important to make sure to keep user recommendations in mind while creating the user interface. UX Professional Auckland offers guidance to develop a usability testing method and a root cause analysis of your design will help to improve your design greatly. An open mind and a flexible thinking and rewiring of perspective, i.e., ability to put yourself in the user’s shoes is required for a good user recommendation.

Visual Communication

One of the most important parts of a UI/UX designer’s job is to capture the attention of a user in a sea full of other similar UI/UX applications. The idea/intention that you have should easily translate and reach its target audience successfully. UX consultant London helps to teach you the basics of creating Digital mock-ups, Beta versions, and frameworks which can help you with the Visual communication process.

There are many softwares available that can help you to create the framework of the image you want to project, for example, Photoshop, Powerpoint, etc. The use of the right Visual Communication tool in the right way helps you capture the attention of the user. In addition, the viewpoint of your investors and your promoters is also just as important. This calls for a simplification of the technical process to make them understand the working behind the process.

Design Software

There are many design software that can be used to add visually interesting and attention capturing details. There are few commonly used softwares that can be used to build such Visual tools, like Photoshop, Coral Draw, etc. Depending on the industry you work in, make sure to learn how to use at least one of the most commonly used tools for design. This skill can be one of the things that will set you apart from others and make you more valuable to the company. UX design Bangkok can help you use these design software as per requirement.

A UI designer is concerned with the aesthetics and layout of the application whereas a UX designer is concerned with the working. Even if you are a UX designer, acquiring this skill will put you in a cut above the every other designer in the industry.

It is very useful if a designer can step back from his stance and step into the shoes of a user to understand the full nature of the problems their design would create for their target users. This is a skill that takes trial, errors, and practices more than anything else, but UX Professional Auckland can provide you with our expertise and years of experience and practice.

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