If you’re a junior-level UX designer desiring to hone your skills and build a solid career, check out these three tips for making a successful leap from beginner to expert.

1. Skills You Need

Taking on the role of an intermediate UX designer requires a combination of interpersonal skills and proficient knowledge of industry-specific tools that allow you to create, lead, and collaborate with equal confidence. Some days you may need to present to a client, while others may be deep in the design process, requiring the ability to pivot when needed.

So, what are some of these valuable skills?

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are those that make you a great team member and partner on projects. More specifically, within the UX design world, you need to collaborate regularly with various team members and departments from subject matter experts (SMEs), to copywriters and graphic designers. UX designers who pursue the following skills will add value to their team, in addition to providing valuable insights for users and clients. …



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