True Story behind "My Designing Career"

I came from ordinary middle class family. My parents are school teacher. I have my 2 brothers .

According to situation of our country it was so hard to maintain our family and also our study cost.

I am the elder son so that I had lot's of responsibilities. I didn’t get chance to study in Public University.

My mother admitted me into a Private University in B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering in Metropolitan University Sylhet where the study cost was so high. After some days I was realizing that, it was too hard for my parents to maintain my study cost and also my brother’s study cost. In that time I had no PC or laptop. I worked in University PC and also borrowing my friends laptop etc. I don’t know why I always searched on Google “Design” , “Best Designers”, “Design Article” instead of programming. I was thinking that how can I be a good designer also how the world will know me. I don’t like to work in C programming though my parents want to see me as a good programmer and software engineer.

Computer Lab of my University

I was frustrated about my future ……what I need to do, doing programming work? Or to be a Designer. I had no Laptop for work but I also told my father to give me laptop for my work. I worked on PC in my University Lab.

Finally my father brought a Windows PC for me. But it was very low configurations :) is good for programming but if I run the Photoshop on that PC it the PC restart again and again. Truly I cried many times that I can’t work in design. I started to watch tutorial on youtube and also seeing design by searching on Google. In that time I didn’t heard about Behance or Dribbble. I started to sketch design into my note. Every Night I woke up and start to note design. After a month I count I draw 150 design sketches :) .. I thought I will made those sketches into live design.

First Surprise Laptop in my designing career

After 2 months I told my father that “father I will be a designer .. Can you give me money to buy a laptop” … I know in that time it was hard to buy a laptop for me. But my father answered me “give me 7 days I will give you” .. I was surprised by that answer. I thought my father will say no.

After 2 days suddenly I found a person who wanted to sale his laptop in cheap price. Finally I brought this.

After that I challenged myself to be a good designer. I started working hard. In that time I just watched the tutorial in youtube and also check the design by searching on Google. But I have no idea about the Behance and Dribbble world. One day a person named Mizanur Rahman met me to Behance and Dribbble. I was so surprised to see the design on Behance and Dribbble then. It was a turning point in my life to be a good designer. I started to make my all sketches into live design in Photoshop and also continuing to see design on Behance and Dribbble . I said to myself let’s work 6 month in designing and let’s see what happens than. I worked whole night. My University result was going to low CGPA for that.

Though my CGPA was low I didn’t stop designing because my parents always support me a lot . But they were little confused that what I will do after completing my study. Sometimes I felt myself I am in the middle of the 2 boat. I have 2 choice. Be a good UI and UX designer or search for other jobs.

You guys believe it or not I started working 15–16 hours per day only for design. After 2 month I realized that I was upgrading. Then I opened Behance account and publish one of my work. I didn’t get more that 4 likes. I uploaded and uploaded work behance. But my profile didn’t get overall good like and views and followers. I was frustrated that may be I can’t be a good UI and UX designer. I took more than 1 year to study about UI designs of others designers and started to read more articles. After 5 months I saw most of workflow are same in the design world. Like for a landing page I saw the design structure are mostly same.

Trying to give different test

I thought if I came out with different style then may be it will be accepted to all. I started to sketch design again. This time I made 100 sketch for Out of the box design in landing page and other designs in 25 days. After that I started to make them by Photoshop. I made many samples but I didn’t publish them. Because I thought I have to make them good then I will publish.

After few months I started to publish them and saw the other designers and peoples liked them. I have a plan to myself that if there any new invention then I will make landing page for that :) ..

I made Google Home landing page when I saw the Google home live conference. This design changed my life. That was so simple but after that design I got many good offer for work from many clients and local design firms. I also started to create Out of the box design idea and show in Behance. Last 1 year I realized that “if you have any idea then please try it at least 10 times to make it “. Today my parents are so much happy about my positions and also my design work though I am trying to upgrade my self a lot. One day i will work in big company in the world like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon etc.