Assumption Prohibited — Andre Jay Meissner

Notes from UX Salon 2017 — by Summurai

Beta releases are typically used for user testing and feedback. Usually, a beta release contains most of the features while still incomplete. How is this feature set defined? This lecture discusses the insights from user-research-driven design of Adobe XD, a completely re-imagined and frictionless tool for UX design. It combines user flow, visual design, prototyping and testing into one app. It discusses the methodology that allows adobe to ship monthly, production-ready beta releases to their users, while learning and improving the design.

Jay uses a real life example of his attempt to design and build a bunk bed for his two daughters to emphasize the current shortcomings of design software. He shows the cumbersome work process which includes switching between various technologies throughout the design process. He references the “The ideal design workflow” to further illustrate his frustration with the process.

Two years ago, his team started to design, a design tool, for designers. Adobe XD is a tool which allows for all of the elements of design to be in the same place. They have adopted a product development strategy based on the idea of “Designing at the speed of thought”.

Typical beta releases usually has all of the features without the details. Adobe’s concept is an Agile approach to releasing new, fully-functional features every month. They strive to identify the true needs of users, while making sure that these needs are not individual needs, but rather needs that apply to most of their users. This is done via workshops and 2 hour focus groups. These focus groups are discussion based, not question and answer based. The participants are given a scenario in which they have $100 worth of money like bills. 
 They then have to illustrate which features are most important to them by dividing up the money on the features that are most important to them. The features on which the participants are willing to put the most of their money towards indicate which features should be developed next into the product.

Prior to joining Adobe, Andre Jay Meissner owned his own software company. In his spare time he enjoys building furniture. He also runs IxDAberlin and OpenDeviceLab, a grassroots community movement.

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