Radical Transparency in Design — Ran Segall

Notes from UX Salon 2017 — by Summurai

Ran has over 10 years of experience working with big brands and innovative award winning startups. When designing mobile, online and offline experiences Ran always has the user in mind. For the last year, ran has been vlogging — Video-Blogging — his life and documenting his experience in launching his own product. He is using his vlog as an experiment in transparency, showing exactly what goes into the design process.

Why do I have to lie as a designer? I often found myself having to lie about the amount of time I put into a project in order to justify my pay. There’s a certain psychology today in life and especially in business where we tend to think that the longer and harder a project is to complete, the more it will cost. We can’t say why this was fun doing. We have to give the impression of suffering and hard work to justify our pay.

In his vlog ran shares his day to day experiences, talks about professional processes and shows how long they actually take. He shares visual models, speaks with clients and works on his start-up. In addition, he also shares personal experiences such as unproductive days, emotional roller coasters, doubts about his product, money, dealing with getting paid and sending quotes for projects. From this experiment, he’s gathered a few insights. Honesty and transparency creates empathy and trust, it also creates better quality work as you are always being inspected. 
 However, honesty and transparency have their ugly sides and can sometimes be detrimental to your business. Roy recently lost a big client with a big budget because he listed the amount of hours it would take him to complete the project, in the client’s eyes — his per hour fee was too high, even though the client would have gladly paid that amount for more hours and the exact same results. 
 Ran’s vlog can be found at YouTube under the name “Flux”.

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