Looking back to the 1940s when computers started to play a role in the global economy, people didn’t believe in a big future of computers. In fact, Thomas Watson, who was president of IBM back then, said that “there is a world market for maybe five computers”. How wrong he was. But in order to understand that statement, you have to know that at this time computers were built from scientists for scientists. Some time should pass until computers got a new purpose.

Thirty years later, applications like Atari’s Pong or the Color TV-Game popped up and started to shift…

The downsides of a quickly growing company can sometimes be very subtle. Be it escalating kitchen situations where no one puts away their dirty dishes, be it the fact that the weekly chocolate supply now only lasts for about 5 minutes until it has completely vanished, or be it more and more occurrences of windows that have been left open after leaving the office.

It was the latter that made us think about this problem in a more intense way. Since we are part of a big corporation, there are processes for all possible scenarios. This, in our specific case…

Some of you might remember the rebranding of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, back in 2015. When the CDO entered the company one year later, we were faced with certain challenges in digital design that resulted from the purposeful loudness of the brand. While the idea behind the branding was to be so loud in order to stand out within the industry, we needed to define guidelines for digital experiences in order to be able to control the volume of our brand and eventually not confuse the user.

Brand vs Service Design

When your assets have been created with the purpose of being bold…


We are the UX Strategy & Design team, part of the Chief Digital Organization of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, brought into being in early 2017.

Here on Medium, we want to tell stories about our work within our company, where we want to challenge processes, introduce new technologies, and support our colleagues in taking advantage of the digital era.

On this platform we want to say “hello world” and hope to share some stories that you might find interesting. In addition to that, we will publish more hands-on work related material at our Liquid Design System. …

The Rise of Prototyping

Exploring how mankind started to develop prototypes for almost everything helps us as designers to understand the importance and impact of this habit in our day-to-day life.

How everything began

Before we actually were aware of the fact that we are producing prototypes, humans always learned from failure and improved on that learnings. We always tried and tested and evaluated. From the first tools that were created by our early ancestors or even the invention of the wheel.

But also great scientists were using prototypes to prove and to showcase their innovative ideas. …

UX Strategy & Design

These are stories by the UX Strategy & Design team. We are hiring: https://emd.design/career

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