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by Anna Jolliffe

The hallmark of a strong UX writer is not their ability to write impressive-sounding copy, but to communicate effectively with their user. Beyond language skills, a UX writer must have empathy — an understanding of who their users are and how they’re using their product including voice experiences.

The same skills a writer employs when writing headings and microcopy for a Graphic User Interface (GUI) are those that a conversation designer applies when crafting questions and shaping responses for voice experiences, or a Voice User Interface (VUI). …

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When I joined Stash, a relatively new fintech startup, I knew the challenges before me: I was the only UX writer joining a team of 8 product designers and 4 researchers. I would be a team of one as the sole UX writer.

At my last job as a content strategist, I was embedded on a product team. We all knew each other’s work and aligned and agreed on priorities. We had a clear sprint structure and deadlines as well as clarity around success. At Stash, I’m everywhere, and that sort of structure isn’t established in my day to day. …

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by Andy Welfle

One of the ways I’ve been trying to make a positive difference during this lost COVID-19 season is to hold office hours for unemployed or emerging UX writers. I hear over and over again from writers in other industries — journalists, marketing copywriters, technical writers, etc. — that they’re pretty interested in UX writing but just don’t know how to break into the field.

I get that. UX is an alluring, inscrutable beast that comes with its own set of jargon, terminology, and process. …

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by Finn Astle

Together, we are in the midst of a public health crisis and all we can do is wait and stay home. We’re slowing down the rate of infection, saving time, giving services time to prepare, but while the world waits for a cure, time is our treatment.

The world is moving online now more than ever. The services we use every day, government, health, finance, insurance, and communications are trying to cope with this change. Customer inquiry surges are reaching critical heights, overwhelming customer support, leading to dangerous wait times.

So chatbots save time and chatbots save lives. …

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by Heather McBride

I spent months training to be a UX Writer. I took classes, read books, and created user-centric test cases.

I even started to attribute a bit of celebrity status. I found myself “collecting” these writers on LinkedIn.

None of this made the interviewing process less daunting (and my intimate knowledge of the background of those poor people may have come off as a bit creepy).

I’d worked in other industries and was in the process of leaving an academic career, but UX interview processes are in a class of their own.

In past careers, there would be a need and I was the solution. In UX interviews, they aren’t just looking for someone to fill a role. Trust me, in the UX field, a position will go unfulfilled until the perfect fit is found. …

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by Patrick Stafford

I’m a huge West Wing fan, and I often think about interactions I have at work in the context of various storylines. Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of this lesson in influencing without authority.I was thinking about an episode in which the Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman, is telling the First Lady why her pick for chief of staff is a bad idea. He sums it up in this quote:

“He thinks decisions are made in meetings.”

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Conversations about data are often focused on technical fields, like development and product management.

When it comes to writers, data-driven decision making becomes a little fuzzy. How does it even work? How can you, as a writer, incorporate data into your work?

Not only that, but how can you make sure that you end up testing the impact of copy, separate from other elements on the page? (In other words, how can you AB test copy?)

UX writers and content strategists who are able to understand data, how to AB test copy, and the decision-making process that relies on data, will have a huge competitive advantage. …

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So what’s the difference between microcopy and UX writing?

The growth of UX writing and content strategy has sparked all sorts of great conversation and debate. Whether you call yourself a digital copywriter, content specialist or UX writer, there’s a growing set of expectations around the role and what you should contribute to a design team.

That’s all fine. Great, even! But it also means there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what a UX Writer is, and what it isn’t. …

by Michael Winnington

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When it comes to user experience (UX) writing, every word matters. And that means every word. Not just the language of your largest market. Every word in every language for every market where a product exists.

I always cared about writing. I’m a UX Writer at Getaround and was at BlaBlaCar beforehand. Working at two companies that operate around the world, I had to start caring about localization to thrive and make a big impact. Localization in UX writing is an important topic — and one you need to be aware of, and own.

When most of your users don’t speak English

I used to work at BlaBlaCar, a carpooling app where people share city-to-city car journeys. Popular in France and Russia. Big in Spain and Brazil. Not so big or non-existent in English-speaking countries. …

by Pembroke King

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Getting started

The user experience (UX) writing field is growing rapidly but remains relatively new in the greater ecosystem of UX. It’s still figuring itself out as a discipline, which means there are many different approaches to the process of writing UX copy. Drawing from the standard practice in UX design, your potential employer may give you a challenge during the interview process for a UX writing position.

This is your chance to put your writing skills to practice while showing the team how you collaborate and problem-solve. I recently completed such a challenge and despite the abundance of articles on the process for UX design roles, I had a hard time finding resources focused on UX writing tasks. …

UX Writers Collective

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