by Patrick Stafford

As content designers, it’s easy for us to understand why microcopy is so valuable. We’ve even become pretty great at convincing product managers and design leads why they should invest in dedicated UX writers.

But this has an unintended consequence. It may cause those on the design team to think that microcopy and other UX writing responsibilities should only be handled by the writer. If you’re a product manager, developer, designer, or any other person on a design team, you may think microcopy is just a writer’s purview. …

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by Cayla Dorsey

Being a new graduate (Class of Covid — I see you) and joining remotely in a pandemic has added more complexity to starting my first UX writing role.

I expected to be starting off at Microsoft on the main campus in Seattle, making new friends and enjoying the perks that come with joining a major tech company.

Where I’ve found myself (and a lot of others in my situation) is upstairs in my parents’ house in my hometown using my younger brother’s desk for my WFH setup. …

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by Michelle Handelman

So, you’re ready to hire a UX writer? Great! Let’s start with the basics.

What the heck is a UX writer?

UX (User Experience) writing is still a relatively new discipline. While the title may be new, UX writers have always existed, as Copywriters, Technical Writers, and Content Marketing Writers. UX writing has only recently become a dedicated role for many companies. Many candidates seeking UX writing roles are also transitioning from other content roles into a full-fledged UX Writer.

A candidate with a background in UX writing, who hasn’t held the title, doesn’t necessarily make them any less qualified or experienced than someone who has held…

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by James McGrath

As a brand new UX writer on a CX team, there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure: there are very few pure-play ‘UX Writers’ around.

While people may describe themselves as UX Writers, very rarely does the description match up to the job title — nor do UX writers solely do UX writing.

While I do UX writing tasks, I’m technically employed as a ‘Communications Specialist’ which opens up a range of tasks and responsibilities that do not relate to the typical picture of what a UX writer does. …

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by Pembroke King

Getting started

The user experience (UX) writing field is growing rapidly but remains relatively new in the greater ecosystem of UX. It’s still figuring itself out as a discipline, which means there are many different approaches to the process of writing UX copy. Drawing from the standard practice in UX design, your potential employer may give you a challenge during the interview process for a UX writing position.

This is your chance to put your writing skills to practice while showing the team how you collaborate and problem-solve. I recently completed such a challenge and despite the abundance of articles on the…

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by Jenni Nadler

My product team has found a better way to ensure that our UX Writers are truly writing content in design, making us better writers and helping us create better products faster.

For us, a tool called Abstract was our savior, but you could use whatever tools work best for your team. All that matters is getting your team to see the benefits of actually writing in design.

The old way of doing things

On one of my first days, I watched a colleague make a content doc. She went screen by screen in a product flow, taking a screenshot of each one, and…

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by Christie Fremon

“Tell us about a time you experienced a conflict over something you’d written.”

The candidate we were interviewing met our eyes and didn’t look away. Her friendly expression had been replaced with a more serious one.

“I’ve never been in conflict with anyone over my writing. I get along with all the people I work with.”

She was confident and professional. She was also Black. After the interview wrapped up, the hiring manager shook her head and wondered how anyone could be a writer for that long without any conflict. It was unreal. Maybe even unbelievable. We were hiring for…

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by Kathrina M.

“The more we had somebody focusing on what that text experience was like, the better and more compassionate UI’s became, and of course that made software more pleasant to use and companies that did that the best really were the most successful.”

— Bobbie Wood

In a recent webinar with IxDA Dubai, Bobbie introduces how UX writing has evolved as its own discipline in the tech industry, why it’s essential to product success and customer happiness. She shares a few key UX writing best practices to implement right away for your product copy.

Key takeaways

  • UX writers are…

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by Kathrina M.

“Be ready to be surprised. Be ready to learn from users and hear things that you don’t expect.”

— Bobbie Wood

Content testing and research are critical to product success. Great content is just as essential to user experience as visual or interaction design because it’s the piece of the product that’s speaking directly to or having a conversation with users. The only way to achieve great content, though, is to test the content!

In this webinar for UXPA International on Content Testing and Research, Bobbie talks about the importance of testing content and how to do it in different scenarios.

Key takeaways:

  • Content should be evolving along with the design and be treated…

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