Abdul Sattar Edhi — Philanthropist

There is always someone who is an inspiration for us, but there is a person who is an inspiration for everyone, Abdul Sattar Edhi. A person who doesn’t need any introduction, every step of his life is a lesson for humanity. In his childhood, there was one time when Edhi entered into a fight, on his way to madrassah one morning he saw a group of senior boys from his school were teasing a mentally handicapped person. He was both angry & sad, he walked to them and asked them to stop. He repeated what his mother had taught him, “This is not the reason you are normal. If you have no good to give him, give him nothing, but do not use God’s favors to you against him who has received none.” As a result, he was badly beaten. His love for special people has taught me to love such people as much as possible. Nonetheless, his love was not only limited to such people, he loved everyone most importantly poor people.

Team who made it possible.

Edhi is an inspiration for me since many years, so it was very important for me to follow him in every possible way I can. During my junior year, I came up with an idea of a project involving community services. I gathered a team of different students and started working on it. We made a list of different activities that we intended to do in that project.

1. Setting up a medical camp in slum area. 
2. Spending a day with orphans. 
3. Cleaning hospitals. 
4. Planting in our university 
5. Spending a day with special kids. 
6. Distributing clothes among poor people.
There was a list of different actions in order to complete my project. Most important was to collect a lot of funds in order to complete all these activities. Being students we were not able to spend our money as we didn’t had much of it. For this reason, we went our university’s administration presented them our project details and asked them to help us with funds. The only answer we got was, “This is your project, you should work for it yourselves. We can’t give you funds from university’s budget.” At that time, we all were completely shattered as we had no other option for funding. This project was very important for me, I had to complete this project no matter what because it was the first time I thought about helping poor people and now there was no turning back.

My University — Magazine Cover Page

I was left with only one option and that was too collect funds by ourselves. A friend of mine came up with an idea of publishing a magazine about our university and then selling it among students, this idea hit me hard. We started working on it, we divided ourselves in two teams. One team will work on content and designing of magazine while other team will work on sponsors for publishing this magazine. It might be difficult to believe but we did all the work within a month and sold out 300 copies among students with a week after the magazine was published. We had enough money to take next steps for our project, some teachers also helped us by contributing some money for our project.

I divided my team into different groups and assigned each group a particular activity from the list of projects we had made already. As the preparation of the project progressed everyone involved in it did their best and for me it was really an honor to sit among my friends and acquaintances giving them the hope and vision to work together. As a result, every project was completed in an incredible manner. Our vice chancellor was really happy to see this kind of project by the students of his university and arranged an award recognition event for us and presented us with souvenirs. He was really amazed to see our work and he announced that this kind of project will held each year by our university and they will fund everything from next year.

Receiving award from Vice Chancellor — MUET

Undoubtedly, that was one of the amazing period of my life. Starting a project which I always wanted to do once in my life and then successfully completing it with so much appreciation from big people of my university. That experience taught me lessons for the life time. When I started this project I was very afraid, I had no idea how to plan this and then execute that plan in a proper way. It wasn’t easy but as someone once said that “Just start and let the work teach you.”

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