The best high speed crazy speed bump game ever: 500+ Speed bump High speed car test drive

High speed racing games are famous for a long time period, but have you ever played high speed test drive consecutive speed bump game. We present the craziest and the most exciting high speed car testing game: 500+ consecutive speed bumps high speed test drive game.

Speed bumps on the roads are a sign of safety for the car drivers as they have to slow down the car to reduce speed of the car. These speed bumps cover the entire width of the roads. The main purpose of these speed bumps is to decrease the number of accidents taking place by reducing the speed of the cars.

This high speed test drive game is developed to test your driving skills in the speed bumps conditions. The consecutive speed bumps will test your skills to the extreme level. Not just the few but 500+ consecutive speed bumps will make you crazy to drive on. The main aim is to survive on these consecutive speed bumps and not allow your car to crash down.

If you are a racing game lover then this 500+ consecutive speed bumps high speed test drive game is best for you. You have to drive the car at a high speed over 100mph to overpass these speed bumps without getting your car to crash or get off road. This may sounds easy but let me tell you, no it’s absolutely not. When 500+ consecutive speed hits your car then it’s so difficult to control and protect your car in this speed bump environment.

Your mission is to drive the car as fast as you can and pass these speed bumps to reach the end point to complete the mission. Failure to maintain the high speed 100+ and applying brakes will result in mission failure. The controlling is the most important feature in this game which decides the outcome of the mission. Your car controlling skills should be exceptional when the speed bumps are hit by the car. At the end of each round coins are collected and new cars can be unlocked. The game is supported by a realistic sound effect and a background music which adds to the real experience of the user playing the game.

Features of 500+ Speed Bump: High Speed Car Test Drive:

• 6 charming cars for speed bumps.

• 3D environment to enjoy your car at high speed.

• Sound effects.

• Background music.

• 500+ consecutive speed bumps.

• Amazing graphics.

All these amazing and cool features add to the realistic look and give it a real 3D racing game experience. Download this amazing 500+ Speed Bump: High Speed Car Test Drive game and enjoy the best speed bump experience of all time.