Travel and Entertainment — What Pakistan has to Offer?


Entertainment has evolved from a level of luxury to almost a necessity due to increased stress in a person’s life. The stress reducing ability of entertainment cannot be underestimated. People choose to watch a movie, listen to music or go on an episode watching spree of their favorite shows to take their minds off from the responsibilities and problems in life. In these advanced technological times, entertainment is literally only a touch away. From advanced level games to social apps that give you the liberty to get in touch with friends, family and strangers alike, entertainment has a broadened definition nowadays.

Pakistani entertainment has seen a boom in the last decade or two. With new ideas, new people and more freedom of expression, Pakistani entertainment industry has witnessed a revolutionary growth. Dramas and soaps have always been a huge part of a typical desi family but the recent focus on cinema growth is a change that has been welcomed by everyone. The increasing and constant use of social media by famous actors and actresses also ensure that Pakistani entertainment news and gossip geeks are being fed with constant updates. Devoted entertainment fans from the subcontinent also choose to create fan pages for their favorite personalities which also help the industry.

The fire of showbiz news is also fanned by a collaboration of numerous Pakistani actors with their neighboring counterparts. Artists such as Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali and actors such as Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan have all take part in the production of Bollywood movies that has brought immense fame, acceptance and praise from Indian artists and people alike.Despite the recent downfall of international terms between India and Pakistan, most Indian people have the sense of Pakistani contribution to their industry and if/when the dust settles, things might take a turn for good again.

Pakistani movies have also been praised internationally and nationwide. From hits like Waar, Khuda Kay Liye to new arrivals on screen such as Actor In Law and Janaan, Pakistani movies keep showing promise and ever-increasing quality. With more happening in the showbiz, we bring you all the latest news and gossip from Pakistani entertainment. Pakistani showbiz might not be producing in as much quantity as their neighboring counterparts but the quality that Pakistani media has to offer is unmatched and unparalleled. This ample showbiz news result in a well engaged readership in the category of entertainment.

Travel —

Pakistan is called the Land of Pure, and is filled with miraculous beauty and cultural heritage. It has been well known for its ancient civilization and a number of historical places. Not just this, it is also blessed with the natural beauty which fancies the tourists. There are various delightful spots in Pakistan that are worth to be seen. These delightful and beautiful places capture ones heart and serve as a beautiful memory for the rest of his life.

The beautiful places in Pakistan include the Kaghan and Naran Valley which is also known as the Land of the Fairies. The title does total justice to the place as it is purely magical. Murree is another beautiful city of the Northern region in Pakistan which is a stand out among the most romantic places. Other places like the Shandoor and Kalash Valley in Chitral, the Neelam Valley, Lake Saif-ul- Malook, Shogran Valley are amazingly alleviating and provides the best relaxing atmosphere that one could ever wish for. The peaks of Nanga Parbat and the Himalayas top the list of mystical places in Pakistan.

When two people tie knots they look for a beautiful romantic place where they could begin their new journey. Pakistani couples are honored to have beautiful views and places for honeymoon within their own country. These places mentioned are not only ideally romantic but also very much light to the wallet.

The historical places in Pakistan is another gem to the tourists. Places like the Lahori Fort and the Shalimar Garden, Rohtas Fort are astoundingly appreciated by all the tourists in terms of its architecture. Badshahi Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the world which was built in the era of the Mughals. It is extremely huge and a treat to the eyes of the visitors. Moen-jo- Daro and Taxila holds the remnants of the oldest civilizations that existed and surprises every single tourist who visits there.

Minar-e- Pakistan is the highest tower of the Pakistan covered with gardens all around. It significance lies in the fact that the Pakistan Resolution was passed at this place. Quaid’s Residency, Islamia College, Makli, Takhte Bahi are some other vital Pakistan historical places that never fails to astonish tourists.

Almighty Allah has gifted Pakistan with terrains, mountains, hills, valleys and all the natural wonders. The archaeology of the Pakistan historical places are an add-on to this beautiful piece of land. One cannot miss to lay eyes on these excellences.

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