To live a balance life, Total Quality Management plays an important role.

Don’t seek for a balanced life.Seek for a balanced day.(over and over again).
  1. Lean (elimination of waste)

Time is precious thing in our lives but still we waste it by doing those activities which does not gives output or we can say that meaningful out put.same thing i was doing before studying TQM .some of the activities before and after the study of TQM are given below.

2. Using 5s :

Things will definitely go better if they are perform or keep in a systematic way or manners. 5s is a kind of systematic process. this concept can be applied in any part of daily routine but i applied this concept in my wardrobe specially because its the most messed up thing in my daily contact.


PDCA cycle help you to carry out your activities effectively and efficiently although in personal life or practical life.after studying PDCA, following changes occur in my daily routine or life.


i didn't think about any thing like what to do, how to do, when to do, anything, may be personal work or either universities assignments.


lets take the example of daily routine work.


i plan how i will do all the activities and task which i have to perform in a day on the basis of their urgency.


then go thoroughly whether all activities can be perform on a single day.


then look all the consequences of each task to be perform.


then, finally start to do all the tasks and complete them one by one.

4. Communication:

Communication is the life blood of any organization

communication is the life blood in an organization or in personal relation that is daily life.most of the obstacles and herdales arrive because of poor communication system.same thing was happed with me.


i dont know whether my communication skill are good or not because i have never tried them.i dont like to communicate with people, feel hesitation as they are out from my comfort zone. if any thing troubling me or i dont like it, i even cant tell or express my feeling to any one.


after studying tqm, i started communicating with people and i am happy that my communication skills are good enough.i came out from my comfort zone and make new comfort zone in which i have to communicate must.after some practice, my hesitation has gone and now i feel easy and relax while expressing my self or my feeling.

5. Decision Making:

decision making is very important in all aspect of life.analysis, resarch must be conducted to arrive at any decision.


i feel very difficult to make any decision. i became confused easily while making decision and make decision without any research.


after study TQM, it became very easy for my to make any decision either about my personal life or practical life.