Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain

Since my childhood during school & college, i embraced much struggle to reach the point where i am now. In my early childhood, my father died and i along with my younger brother and mother moved to our maternal grandfather who supported us a lot. Till the 8th grade, i studied in a school where study was Urdu medium and it was like just getting marks and get passed. So, after that i was admitted in an English medium school with a proper school system. At that time, the environment was changed, study was changed and language was changed. So, it was very difficult for me to cope with that new environment. At first i became frustrated and was willing to leave that but i decided to kept moving and trying. So, after a struggle of 5–6 months to adjust myself, i was able to secure 1st position in my class in 1st term exams. This was not the end but when i went to college the same problem was faced by me and i have to struggle again. 
This experience has now made me realize that whenever i go to a new environment, i has to struggle with adjusting in that environment and to understand that. But i can do it so i can bear that pain and can succeed with determination & perseverance. 
Without pain you cannot get anything and the taste of that pain /struggle seems sour during hard time but it becomes sweet when that pain is embraced. So, don’t let yourself down with that sour taste and wait for it to become sweet for you.