Khudi & Self Learning

Edhi sb’s Reading:

Edhi sb’s biography is an inspiration for all. He used principles of progress to get to achieve his aims. I would like to share one of those principles that i liked the most. In the start when he aimed about helping the needy persons his friends started calling him “Sheikh Chili”, a person having big dreams but have nothing to do. But he was never disappointed and he keep on working on his vision and at last got his vision. I like this example very much because it experienced such a principle in my story that i followed. After my college life, i was interested in doing mechanical engineering from a renowned university. I applied for different universities. I didn’t get call from one university not from another. But i didn’t stopped and kept working till i at last got call from UET Lahore. So, what i learned from my experience that never stopped working. “Work, work & work till you succeed”. So my experience let me know about this principle.

#Juststart Project:

One of the principles of progress is “Amal”. Amal means taking small actions to make something big. So, i was assigned this project in which i worked on this principle. My project was to do the something that i am afraid to do or anything i wanted to do but couldn’t do in the past. I was trying to learn “Microsoft Excel” but wasn’t able to learn it from a long time.

I wanted to learn it because it was used in my course work many times but i didn’t know how to use it.

The difficulty that i faced in the past was that i was lazy and didn’t get time to learn it. But then i thought that at least i should just start.

So, to complete the project, the first three steps that i followed were:

I. To learn by yourself by understanding the nomenclature and display

II. To get some tutorials from internet and an expert

III. To practice the basics

After this experience, now i at least know the basics of this software and now i can learn it further when i will keep on using it. During this project, the difficulty i faced was to lessen my relaxation times. Moreover, in the start i has to give more time because it was difficult for me to work on it because i had no practice.

From this experience, i learned a thing that to do something, we have to take a step and should start at least. In start, we face difficulty but with time we started achieving our aims and it motivates us from inside.

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