Homelab of someone who rents | My setup

  • Automation — there are things you want automated, homelab can take care of that
  • Potential security improvement — I know some people who browse the internet from dedicated VMs that roll to a “clean” state and update daily for example.
  • Freedom to break things without worrying as much,
  • Improvements to your quality of life :)
  • Some people out there aim to be independent from online service providers and run their own mail server, storage etc.
  • Time consuming — for some people its nearly a part-time job
  • Money — good hardware can cost good money, Dell PowerEdge T440 starts at £1300 for example
Simplified network diagram for my setup


My UDM, I call it “Smol Battle Station” — its small but as good and strong as a battlecruiser from StarCraft. I really love the design, it’s very minimal, clean and actually reminds me of EVE from WALL-E cartoon.
  1. There is a chance that router will be bricked during flashing
  2. I currently have limited free time, dd-wrt always takes time (read forums for example, some builds were unstable etc)
  3. UDM offers everything I need at the moment
  • 6th gen i7
  • 48GB DDR RAM
  • 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD
Baby Yoda sticker on my server :)
  1. No outside to inside traffic
  2. “IoT/Other”, “Guest networks” can’t reach other networks and can only talk with the internet
  3. “Trusted” can reach “Homelab”
  4. Homelab VMs can talk to each other




AppSec. Opinions are my own.

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Alikhan Uzakov

Alikhan Uzakov

AppSec. Opinions are my own.

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