Pretty Good Setup (PGS)

  1. Securing the BIOS
  2. Move to user friendly GNU/Linux OS
  3. Enable automatic security updates
  4. Firewall
  5. Browser extensions and settings
  6. Cover your camera
  7. Install a VPN
  8. Use a password manager
  9. Use a Virtual Machine
  10. Encrypt important files
An example image of settings from the Web.
Now when your PC turns on you might see something like this.
This is how Ubuntu looks by default.
Choose these options
  1. Search for system settings ->
Click on User accounts
Image 1: You will see the list of users on your machine
sudo apt-get install ufw
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw default allow outgoing
sudo ufw enable
sudo ufw status
  1. Install browser plugins
How uBlock Origin looks like
Image 1. Set it like this for all websites. the “*” in the top left corner means this rules will apply to all websites except whitelisted
Image 2. I trust medium so I allow it to read cookies( by making the box green), run scripts etc
By blocking sites from setting cookies you improve your privacy
Block Flash and pop-ups (those can still come up without a plugin)
Image 3 : This what you will see when you click manage exceptions for cookies.
Picture taken from the Guardian article:
How VPN works. Credits:
KeePassX logo
Creating a new database
KeePassX allows to generate unique passwords, containing letters, numbers and special characters.
sudo apt-get install keepassx
This is how VirtualBox looks like
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-qt
VeraCrypt options
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AppSec. Opinions are my own.

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Alikhan Uzakov

Alikhan Uzakov

AppSec. Opinions are my own.

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