9 years in iOS - Sunsetting the Work

Why stop now?

How did Cleu perform?

  1. AppStore Featured Placements — Utilities Page, Home Page, Utilities Cover Banner
  2. FWA Awards — 2 Mobile FWA awards recognizing mobile design and user experience
  3. 1 Million Events — Users creating, repeating, & editing physical events within their environments.
  4. Works With Nest — 1 of under 100 products globally optimized to work with Nest products.
  5. Entrepreneur Article — 1 of 5 promising IoT products featured in Entrepreneur magazine
  6. CES 2016–1 of 16 emerging technology companies in position to work with Fortune 500 brands through OMD Startup Cocktails

Can’t you run it on the side?

What about your customers?

Any regrets?

Why’d you do it?

What now?

Thank You.

Product Imagery

Original Mockups
Cleu 1.0–2012 — Alarm + Weather
Cleu 2.0–2013 — Introduce Calendar + PowerNap
Cleu 3.0–2015 — Introduce IoT (Nest, Hue, Uber), Produced Sounds, Apple Watch Support
Cleu 4.0–2016 — Introduce Circadian Backgrounds, WWN Support, Hue 2.0 Support

Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it — Jay Z




Founder Districtzero.co

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Uzair Hussain

Uzair Hussain

Founder Districtzero.co

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