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30-day sunset of EdTech SaaS mental-health co in peak crisis

Uzair Hussain
5 min readDec 2, 2022



Today, there is growing mental health crisis (you already knew that) due to massive layoffs, human burnout, and emotion management. The DistrictZero team spent the last 3-years building software solutions to support this problem in K-12 schools, corporate teams, and military. We have 30-days before light’s off so the floor is open to all ideas. Read more below.


Hi {{first_name}},

Thank you for staying updated on DistrictZero and I hope you have been well since my last email. Today, I have the unfortunate news that we have decided to sunset DistrictZero. Although we accomplished so much since the mission began in 2019, we were not successful at finding product-market-fit in the current market landscape.

Over the next 30-days, we will market our remaining intellectual property to interested buyers. If a sustainable customer-lead converts in December, we have a slim opportunity to switch the business model from venture-growth to cash-break-even. Cash-break-even is a focus on company profitability as opposed to venture hyper-growth.

Thank you to our angel investors, strategic advisors, early and recent team members, partners like Intel and AWS, our pilot schools and teachers, and anyone that shared our progress in a positive light. You gave us (and me) the motivation to continue through the business and emotional volatility. I’m hopeful that an organization will emerge as the leader in wellness/EdTech to support the ongoing mental health crisis; across public education, corporate hr, medicine, and federal military.

I’m lucky to have been a part of such an empathetic team that achieved so much with so little. Thank you for believing.

🎉 Achieved milestones:

  • 2019 — Shipped first ‘duct-taped’ MVP for K-12, Proved effectiveness of research
  • 2020 — Registered C-Corp, Built remote team in COVID, Shipped privacy-compliant platform
  • 2021 — Intel Corp $100k Grant, K-12 Bilingual Pilots across USA, SEL impact white paper published
  • 2022 — Elementary pilot complete, SXSWEDU with AWS EdStart, Google Classroom Integration

🔮 IP assets (pre-revenue):

  • Server-less Cloud Tech Stack — React, Typescript, Node.js, AWS, GCP, PostgreSQL (Survey, Reporting, and Content Systems)
  • Social-emotional learning Research — Behavioral user analytics, Product roadmap pathways, Established sales channel relationships
  • Leadership Team — Cross-functional CEO, Technical integration oversight, Strategic business insights (Public, Gov, Corp)

🙏🏽 Uzair’s Ask

  • Kindly, share my portfolio with your professional network. Since all remaining DZ team members have exited the company, I am now seeking remote or local roles in USA/Italy available immediately. Please do not hesitate to discuss one-off projects or schedule a 1:1 meeting.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. I wish you happiness, health, and growth in 2023.


“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” — Michael Jordan

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