The Muslim immigrant that could

25 years in the USA and why I’m not leaving.

Uzair Hussain
3 min readNov 9, 2016


1990 — Family Immigrates from Pakistan

1993 — First sibling born in USA

1996 — Family moves to suburban town in USA

1997 — Second sibling born in USA

2001 — First wave of Islamic racism in USA

2004—Attend higher Education in USA

2011 —Start creating jobs in USA

2016—Second wave of Islamic racism in USA

Why do so many fear Muslims?

Fear comes from the unknown. It stems from not understanding each other and our differences. In the case of Islam, there are many interpretations that the masses follow.

In my particular case, as a Sunni-Muslim, I’ve tried to attend Friday prayers at local mosques just about as long as I can remember. From these gatherings alone, there have been thousands of differences in weekly teachings. One motif remains to this day, patience & love for one another.

Why should I trust you?

In Pakistan where I was born, there are ongoing disagreements between Christians, Muslims & Hindus.

Through the lens of living in the States, only now, I understand these issues more clearly. These issues have taught me to love every human with the same respect that I want reciprocated to my children and family.

These experiences don’t make me an expert in country relations. They do however, help me in emphathizing with stark differences between myself and a globally diverse community.

How do you forgive what has been said?

The same amount of hatred has been spread for other communities like Women, LGBTQ, Latinos, African-Americans, & the poor. I continue to read statements spreading hate and violence on these communities.

If we all linger on words, nobody wins. Love & Patience will clear the air.

How can I learn to cope with differences?

  1. Spend an hour at any local mosque, synagogue, church, or temple.
  2. Hug your LGBTQ peers tightly.
  3. Stop defaulting to “He” or masculine form in all writing.
  4. Don’t assume. Ask questions.
  5. Every life matters.

“I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”