Wyoming Cleu

Uzair Hussain
May 31, 2018


Last time we checked in

I had to put a hard break on Cleu. Company wasn’t making enough money, we were taking incremental development steps, and most importantly, the IoT/AI market was still in it’s infancy.

Wait. Cleu’s back?



Because the market doesn’t work on my time and I don’t quit.

What’d you learn?

The market is ready for an alternative lifestyle technology brand.

Who are your competitors?

Elon, Tesla


Tim, Apple


Jeff, Amazon


Sundar, Google


Jack, Alibaba

Strength=China Market

And Yours?

Strength= Underdog

Current Sprint

  • New Design — Heavy Delight, Motion, & Scalability
  • Morning Coffee via BSH Machines — IoT Experience Hook
  • Morning Memos — User Generated Content
  • MRR — Monthly Consumer Recurring Revenue

Upcoming Edu Experience

  • Resolving Edu-related pain-points around Morning Alarms.
  • Morning News with local school data and alerts.
  • Morning Alarms with school bus tracking.
  • Morning Tasks with educational curriculum content.

Learn More

We’re pushing updates to Cleu.com

Kanye, What’s Good?

I got the software. Calabasas 2.0-Let’s go.


Company Website: Cleu.com

Personal Website: timekeepur.com