In The Name of Allah the most beneficial and the most merciful

Applying Total Quantity Management Rules on our daily Life

Date 14 may : 2017

1) PDSA Model :


Before studying TQM I didn’t plan anything in my life because I thought everything is doing Allah so why I plan my life ? and I discuss with my TQM sir and he told me that indeed everything is doing Alllah and he also asked to me what is the differences between human and animal ? human have a thinking ability and animals haven’t it so Allah also want to us that we make plans and you should have to plan your have to know where you are? and you have to know where you want to go and how you are you going to get there, think of this step as your road map to success. so after studying the TQM I plan my life that what I want from my life and where I want to go and also after 5 years where I want to see my self and I write it into the page and keep it on my walet and every morning I see this page infect I also plan my day and make my day planner that today what things I do and what things I don’t do and if I do so how takes it time and how I give it to time and this planner put it on my wall.


After planning I implement my planning into my action and put tick on my individual activity.

Check :

then I check my activity on every night and evaluate weekly progress that how much I complete my activity and how much I get success in my planning and check my day planner list and evaluate my weekly result that how much I follow my plan.

Act :

Now it’s time to act on my result if I’m not then where I want to be then it’s time to create a new plan to get there like if I miss my fajar namaz because of my sleep so what new changes make my day planner and what can I add to my plan to help me to get the goals so I less 30 minutes to my sleeping activity.

2) Lean :

Before TQM studying I didn’t know what is meaning of lean infect lean word was totally new for me when I heard it on first time in my class and I didn’t know how to apply lean I my real life but while I spend a good deal of time learning and writing about how companies use lean, six sigma practices for improve their process I also enjoy bringing lean into my everyday life before studying lean I took 500 from my brother for my mobile balance and I used this balance into unimportant activities but after studying lean I insertion only 100 rupee’s balance on my mobile in a month now i save 400 rupees in a month and put it on my gullak from last 3 months i save 1200 rupees and make my account in the HBL before I wast my time especially at home with daily chores I wash dishes very slowly after dinner and I took 20 to 30 minutes daily .but after applying lean I do home chores very fast and now I take only 10 to 15 minutes for washing dishes and save my precious time.

3) Three Rules :

we are Muslims but unfortunately we adopt lots of western festival like Valentine’s day, Black Friday, Christmas etc and I celebrated these days with my friends and buy new clothes and chocolates and lots of others things for me and also for my friends for gift but after studying these 3 rules I think it’s defect for us because we are the Muslims and these festivals are Gunnah for us now I stop to celebrate these festival and also suggest to my friends that don’t celebrate it because for us Friday isn’t black Friday infect its best day for Muslims as in our precious religion Islam teaches us to don’t accept these festival now I am satisfied that I have applied these 3 rules in such way Dont accept - Dont Make - Don’t pass it.

4) Concept Of 5s

My life was very unethical before studying the TQM

Sorthing :

Before I use lots of internet and spend my whole day in social media, Games etc and west by precious time but Now I didn’t use a lot In my personal life the largest element to reduce or eliminate were stupid television shows , internet games, social media etc and save my time. my method of sporting involved recognized those activities which add value to ethic my personal life.

Self Arrangement :

Before I didn’t save my money and eating lots of jungs foods and unhealthy food with my friends to going out side. But Now In my personal life these 5s implementation was my opportunity to replace some bad habits with better one like I committed to saving money by eating at home more frequently instead of eating out. self arrangement for me was to ensure I have a healthy balance life.

Spic Span :

Before I didn’t clean my room in daily basis and always my room were mess up with my clothes, files , keys and ect and I didn’t find my important things on time.but Now I clean my room every day and arrange my all important things now I can find my all important things easily on a very little time.

Standardize :

when working on personal goals I found that giving myself small rewards for accomplishing major mile stones work as great incentive it is also incredibly satisfying to notice the results of this process along the way and give my further motivation.

Self Discipline :

Now in the hardest and also more beneficial parts of the 5s process it’s time to ensure the changes I have made will be permanent and it’s an on going project.

5) Poka Yoke :

Poka yoke means Mistake and Avoide the real world tell us that mistakes and error are the part of our life it can be a simple as encouraging and forcing myself to do things in a sequence.I did lots of Mistake in my life like also I didn’t give time to my family I think it’s my big mistake because my mother always say to me out life is to short and we have no idea that how much we live so plz gives us your time. my grandfather passed away he loved me a lot but unfortunately I didn’t give him my time he always said Dear sit with me and I always forget him and busy with my friends and on my unimportant activities but Now I realise that it was my big mistake so now I avoid this mistake and give my more time to my precious family and we make a memorable days .

I like to write my this assignment. I learnt lots of new things and also learnt how to use technology from my respective air and mentor written by Uzma khan : under the Guidance of Sir Abdul Basit : course Total Quantity Management from Bharia university Karachi campus :
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